Performance Management Tools

MasteryApps® is a performance management software, a tool that designed to help leaders to write accurate job profiles and expectations, create relevant objectives that align with the company’s goals and mission, document performance, and write appraisals.

MasteryApps® will also improve employee engagement through transparency, recognition, and feedback. Each person can see how they contribute to the organization’s mission, and professional development programs are closely aligned to business goals.

MasteryApps® helps align your workforce to corporate objectives, measure and evaluate individual employee performance, and measure organizational results on a continuous basis. The apps digitally tracks all activities that ensure goals are consistently met in an effective and efficient manner.

Traditionally, companies conduct performance reviews at least annually. However, it’s important for employees to receive ongoing feedback in order to understand how they are performing and contributing to corporate goals, as well as what the next steps are in their career development. This means aligning and assessing performance continuously and gathering feedback, tracking all of them from direct leader, in an objective manner.